IT Support

ELK targets the SME market for I.T. solutions and acts as an internal I.T. division for those organizations who are unable to afford such a division. Most of ELK clients are companies who have between 20 and 50 staff, although some clients are as small as two staff and some as large as 200+.

Through its capable staff and large networks ELK Consulting is able to offer all I.T. and related products to its clients through one point of contact. This is increasingly important as companies try to keep overheads down and efficiency up.

In-house ELK can offer I.T. support and maintenance contracts, remote and local backup/storage solutions; Internet and Telephony solutions, hardware and software sourcing, provision, installation and support as well as cloud based hosting solutions. Through its partnerships ELK can also offer full web design and development, application design and development and marketing solutions as well as a host of Video Conferencing and Seminar Solutions.

With all its projects ELK always looks at the most cost effective solution for the circumstances. If this means using competitors’ products we will both recommend and facilitate using such a product.