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ELK Security Team ELK Security is an innovative company that have won numerous awards for our sales and installations. We have been trusted to provide security systems and IT products to many major companies and households across Australia.

ELK Security are the leaders in 24/7 Gyms and have been installing security into Gyms for the last 8 years and have over 300 current gyms online and monitored.

ELK Security also provide 24/7 Video monitoring by the award winning RemoteGUARD system that allows some of the following features to be either installed or upgraded later if needed.

ELK Security also provides Security and Access Control for maintaining a fully operating and unmanned gym, Security is delivering as a integrated solutions, a turnkey solution. A variety of gym / health club membership software packages have been integrated to empowering gym owners with the freedom to choose a solution that perfectly meets their requirements. Combine that with the benefits of the ELK Security platform which seamlessly scales from one to hundreds of sites and you have a winning solution.
Just some of the many benefits of an integrated turnkey solution

  • A single synchronised database. Program members through the gym software and automatically the member database will be synchronised with the Access Control database
  • Powerful reporting. Door Access events can be reported back to the gym membership software. Know who has accessed what doors at what times, who has been denied access and even know how many members are in your gym at any one time
  • Less training required for your staff. The gym management software can manage all members and their access control permissions, therefore staff only need to learn the gym membership software package
  • Reduced costs. Management processes are made more efficient, thereby saving time and reducing costs. In addition, gym owners are empowered to easily track unauthorised or illegal door access (e.g. members sharing access cards with non-members)
  • Remote Door release and access for emergency services
  • Two-way voice communication from the gym to the control room
  • Duress systems both hard wired and wireless
  • Hosting services for software
  • Remote 24/7 support

ELK Security can install from a Small 1 door system to National Franchises using hosted software with over 300,000 members.

Elk Security has a proven track record in service and maintenance of Gym and can provide references and site visits if needed.

Our CCTV systems are IP based and have been installed in hundreds of sites and have very clear vision for both Recordings and the Control room, we also have the ability to allow remote access to your Smart phone and have all features like remote access etc.

We provide 24/7 support which is very important when running 24/7 as this allows no down time or issues with member’s access.

Software we work with:

  • clubware        Clubfit Gym Software
  • mindBody

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