ELK Security Company Profile

ELK Security is a 100% Australian owned, innovative company that have won numerous awards for our sales and installations. We have been trusted to provide security systems and IT products to many major companies and Commercial sites across Australia.

ELK Security are the leaders in security, from access control, Alarm activation and CCTV and 24/7 Gym installations we only use the best products on the markets.

We provide 24/7 support which is very important in security this allows no down time or major issues with securing a site especially with 24/7 Gyms.

ELK Security also provide 24/7 Video monitoring by the award winning RemoteGUARD system that allows some of the following features to be either installed or upgraded at a later date if needed.

  • Remote Door release and access for emergency services
  • Two way voice communication from the site to the control room
  • Access control: Hosting services for software
  • Remote 24/7 support
  • People Counting systems
  • Gym software

ELK Security can install from a Small 1 door system to National Franchises using hosted software with over 220,000 members and 220 Sites across Australia and NZ.

We also look after International Clients with Integration packages to suit many different Systems.

We have also won the Partner of the year award from Mobotix on two occasions and project of the year three times, listed below are the Awards and projects.

  • Mobotix AG Partner of the year 08/09
  • Project of the year 09/10 Canada Bay club 142 cameras
  • Project of the year 10/11 Plus Fitness 200 sites
  • Project of the year 11/12 Direct Group 85 cameras
  • Mobotix AG Partner of the year 12/13

ELK Security is dedicated to supplying the latest advances in security technology and providing the utmost in customer service. We are excited to share with you these developments to give you the greatest protection and peace of mind.

Current ELK Security Contracts:

Mid Coast Water

Centralised Integriti Access control Database and CCTV upgrade across their whole network including
Sewer treatment plants
Water treatment plants
Office facilities


National 24/7 Services and Help Desk 200 gyms
RemoteGuard CCTV
Centralised Access control Database with Clubware and Smile software
Full virtual server ELK Cloud service
Currently distributing our services to the USA for the software and products we have developed.

RAAF Base Glenbrook

Mobotix CCTV system including thermal cameras.

Plus Fitness

We Currently have over 180 sites around Australian and New Zealand and India all connecting onto one headend system.
All sites using Mobotix and inner range

TyreMax Australia

A National Contract including major cities and regional towns.
Completed installations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Townsville.

We can offer for alarm Monitoring and Video Monitoring

3G GPRS Multicom – compatible with most existing alarm systems. This can be installed, removing the need for a PSTN phone line saving you hundreds per year on phone calls. The GPRS is future proofed with the roll out of the NBN and has a permanent online connection, ensuring you a higher level of safety.

RemoteGuard – The most valuable investment you can make for your business, RemoteGuard is a secure and private network that allows real-time remote virtual patrols. With IP based camera surveillance and high-resolution video verification, this technology is the cost-effective way to secure your premises.
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